fire detection and alarm systems

The main goals

of equipping buildings with fire detection and alarm systems are to save lives and material goods. The primary functions of these systems are fire detection from an early stage and alarm the staff that is operating inside or outside the protected building and alerting the competent authorities to limit the effects of fire.

As other alarm systems

fire systems can be simple or complex, depending on the protected building and beneficiary’s options. Such system can work alone or can interconnect with other systems that can influence the speed of fire propagation (ventilation and/or extinguishing systems).

Nexia Consulting

is authorized to execute works of design, supply, installation, putting into service, configuration and maintenance of these systems. In addition to conventional and addressable fire detection and alarm systems, we offer inert gas extinguishing systems for spaces equipped with expensive equipments (data center, server room, etc.) or for spaces that store documents with major interest (archives).