anti - intrusion

Burglar alarm systems

are specifically designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – in a building or area. These systems are increasingly used to monitor residential, commercial, industrial properties, etc. to protect against intrusion attempts or damage to property, and to protect against intruders. Using this type of system has become in recent years a mandatory for most public and private entities, due to legal provisions.

Some alarm systems

serve a single purpose, namely the protection against burglary, but there are combined systems that can provide protection against both fire and intrusion. Burglar alarm systems can also be integrated with video surveillance systems (CCTV) to automatically record the activities of intruders, and may interface to access control systems for electrically operated doors. The complexity of these systems may vary from simple solutions, individual stand-alone, to complex solutions for multi-area supervising and computerized control.

Depending on the needs

of each client, we offer customized or standard burglar alarm systems at turnkey, that includes the design, supply of equipment, installation, putting into service, configuration, maintenance and specialized project approved by the competent authorities.