wireless communications

Wireless communications

Wireless communications are based on the transfer of information between two or more devices that are not interconnected by cables. Because of the advantages it offers towards wired networks, these technologies have gained a lot in popularity in recent years. Wireless technology has evolved greatly over time, so such technology can provide transfer rates comparable to wired networks, and communications of this type are protected, and their security is also greatly improved. Using a wireless communications technology gives businesses a way to send and receive information in a flexible and economical way. Such an infrastructure does not requires cables, and all its users can move from one place to another without interrupting the connection.

The four key benefits of wireless technology are:

  • enhanced efficiency – advanced technologies lead to faster information transfer inside and outside the company, between partners/customers
  • maximum availability – no need to move cables or special adapters to access internal networks
  • increased flexibility and mobility for users – office workers can access the network without using a dedicated PC
  • cost reduction – compared to cable networks, installation and maintenance of wireless networks involves, in most cases, much lower costs.

The main wireless communications solutions we offer are:

  • Guest Area – internet access solutions for the clients of your company, using Access Points and Hotspot Gateways.
  • Wireless environment management solutions – Based on the use of softwares like Airmagnet site survey software and Airmagnet Wireless network monitoring software. Nexia is the unique distributor of Airmagnet on the Romanian territory.
  • WI-FI solutions – IP wireless telephony with Cisco, Linksys equipment, etc, multimedia wireless systems, wireless transmission systems of TV signal.
The services that any customer can call and which Nexia Consulting offers are:

installation and commissioning – we have an experienced technical team in installing and configuring network equipment in any area of the country
flexibility and adaptability – efficient organization of deliveries of materials and personnel movements, with related logistics
Know-how – experience in various technical solutions and various suppliers of telecommunication equipment, training and quick control of new equipment and procedures, team spirit and effective sharing of information