networking - services


Our consultants can help you create or optimise a network architecture that would boost the development of your company.

Implementation, installation and configuration

Our specialists can help you implement your company’s network, configure and administrate your servers on different platforms.

Remote or on site technical support

If you face any difficulties and cannot solve certain problems or malfunctions, you can confidently appeal to our services. Our specialists will provide prompt and professional solutions for your problem and restore your system’s functionality as soon as possible.

Maintenance services

Would you like to take advantage of a network that works at its best for as long as possible? Would you like to be sure that any failure in your information system would be restored in no time? Our company proposes you a maintenance contract that grants you these services and the reliability of our specialists’ interventions.

Outsorcing (remote administration and configuration)

If you wish to cut down administration and configuration costs for your information system, you can confidently appeal to our services. Outsourcing IT maintenance services would allow you to focus on your business. If you are a company abroad, not only you can count on the professionalism of our teams but also on their abilities to communicate in several languages: English, French, Italian, German etc.

By choosing our services and solutions, you can solve several problems simultaneously, such as:
we can help you analyse your company’s needs and define the most adequate solution
you chose the best solution from financial and technological point of view
the implementation of the solution you chose will be undertaken by our experienced staff
remote network administration can be ensured by our specialists
our company can do the maintenance of your network, so you can take advantage of the services of competitive and experienced staff, at low costs